UToken (Eng)

What is UFUN all about?

UFUN plans to be the largest E-Commerce platform with very competitive prices from the market prices and lower prices from the websites prices with discount of S-Points which will be earned from the UTOKEN investment packages.

The primary function of UFUN in the market is to introduce buyers & sellers into the UBARTER and UFUNSTORE markets by using UTOKEN as the digital currency to exchange products and services. With each transaction, UFUN charges 10% for administration fee from the proprietor.

UFUN is self sustainable!
UFUN and its divisions as a group is a self sustainable model. UFUN has interests in gold, property, retail and entertainment. These divisions will generate enough revenue to make sure that UFUN and the members are handsomely paid.
Among other, the following security measures are in place:

UFUN takes a % of fee when a new member joins
UFUN takes 10 % commission when a member withdraws
When UTOKENS are transferred , UFUN takes 1 % commission
The value of UTOKEN cannot fall, it will always rise. Members are not allowed to sell below the counter price.
30% of the withdrawals are re-purchased into UTOKENS. This prevents anyone to crash the UTOKEN market
UFUN makes commissions from the transactions in the UFUN Store and the UBarter Trades

This is not a complete list and there are other security measures in place to prevent the worst from happening.
This proves that UFUN is a well thought, well strategic planned organization.

UFUN made about 200 millionaires in its first year of operation.

We challenge you to find an organization within this business or any other business that has done that.



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